Tool Industry Market Situation

At present, in terms of the business model of China's tool industry, part of it presents the "tool e-commerce" feature, using the Internet as a supplement to the marketing channel; while providing low-priced products, it can intelligently solve shallow industry pain points. The integration of the upstream and downstream resources of the Internet and the tool industry provides consumers with money-saving, time-saving and physiological services in the form of "low-cost package + service commitment + process monitoring". In the future, the profitability of the tool industry will mainly be based on its ability to integrate resources and creativity in transaction flows.
Market size
The market size of the tool industry in 2019 will reach 360 billion yuan, which is expected to increase by 14.2% year-on-year. As the domestic and foreign supply and demand situation is difficult to achieve a balance in the short term, the tool industry market demand is strong. "Internet +" is used in the field of tools, bringing new development space for tools. On this basis, traditional enterprises and Internet platforms are fiercely competitive. Enterprises improve the market competition rate by improving user experience and efficiency, and provide new growth space for the tool industry.

Post time: May-28-2020